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Does Walmart Take Google Pay?

Looking to shop at Walmart and checkout with Google Pay? Find out whether Walmart takes Google Pay as a payment method.
does walmart take google pay

For many of us, the convenience of mobile payments has become an essential part of our daily lives. But when it comes to grocery shopping at one of the biggest retailers, Walmart, there's always a doubt about its acceptance of digital wallets such as Google Pay.

However, when Walmart is concerned, the answer to this kind of question is always very disappointing—Walmart does not take Google Pay as a payment method.

Unfortunately, this news might be disappointing for those who prefer the convenience of Google Pay while shopping at Walmart. However, Walmart hasn't completely ignored the trend of digital wallets. They offer their own solution, Walmart Pay, which provides a similar seamless experience and convenience as popular options like Google Pay and Apple Pay.

So, while Google Pay isn't currently accepted, Walmart still caters to the preference for digital wallets through its own platform.

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Why Doesn't Walmart Accept Google Pay?

While Walmart hasn't officially provided a specific reason for not accepting Google Pay, it is obvious that the main reason why Walmart hasn't yet integrated digital wallets such as Google Pay or Apple Pay despite the increasingly popular trend is that it wants customers to use its own digital wallet, Walmart Pay.

Walmart Pay works more like other digital wallets and offers the same convenience as they do but because Walmart can't promote other digital wallets, it can only cater to the preference for its own digital wallet, Walmart Pay.

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What Other Payment Methods Does Walmart Accept?

While Walmart neither takes digital wallets such as Google Pay or Apple Pay as a payment method, it does accept a couple of other payment methods besides Walmart Pay, which include:

  • EBT cards from participating states for the purchase of EBT-eligible items
  • Debit cards
  • Credit cards
  • Gift cards
  • Refund credit
  • Capital One Walmart Credit Cards
  • Health spending account (HSA) / flexible spending account (FSA) cards
  • Benefit cards for the purchase of eligible items (including Healthy Benefits and OTC Network)

You will only see these payment methods when you checkout. You can't add them to your Wallet.

  • PayPal
  • Affirm

Will Walmart Ever Accept Google Pay?

While I can't predict whether Walmart will accept Google Pay someday, I can, however, say that as the mobile payment landscape continues to evolve, Walmart might eventually reconsider its stance.

In the meantime, you can still use Google Pay at other major retailers that have adopted the digital wallet. Additionally, Walmart's own mobile payment system, Walmart Pay, offers a similar experience with the added benefit of earning rewards points on purchases.

Considering this, you'd definitely want to use Walmart Pay if you're looking for a seamless way to make payments while earning rewards on your purchases at Walmart.

Final Thoughts

Walmart does not take Google Pay as a payment method because it wants customers to explore the convenience its own mobile wallet, Walmart Pay has to offer.

So when next you want to use a digital wallet at Walmart, don't forget to visit the Google Play Store, download the Walmart app, and set up your wallet for faster checkout.

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