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How To Send Money Anonymously (10 Best Ways)

Sending money anonymously comes with lots of benefits. Here's how you do it.
how to send money anonymously

In this world full of pride and insecurity, not every one will love revealing their identity when they send money online. So, in case you wish to donate to a charity or keep your identity private when transferring money, knowing how to send money anonymously online can help.

Online money transfer has been possible and facilitated thanks to the advancement in technology and constant development of the internet.

This came with the evolution of many financial institutions offering different ways to send money online conveniently and securely.

Gone are those days you had to visit a bank branch or your financial institution to send money to someone. You can now send money online directly from your phone through e-money transfer apps and services.

Most of these services respect customers privacy and offer the best convenience as possible when sending money online. That said, most of them will let you send money anonymous .

So, if you plan to offer a gift to someone without letting them know you're the one, or just wish to send money anonymously to someone, then you're at the right place.

That being said, in this article, I'll show you the best ways to send money anonymously.

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Why Should You Send Money Anonymously?

It doesn't seem like a big deal at first to provide your personal information while sending money online.

However, there are several cases in which you would want to send money anonymous online

For instance, you might want to donate to a charity without getting any credit for it.

Or perhaps you don't want to share your personal information with online companies.

We are all entitled to a certain amount of privacy and data protection, regardless of the motivation.

10 Best Ways To Send Money Anonymously Online

Anonymous payment methods have made it easy to send money anonymously online.

Though most of them let you send money completely without traces, others will only offer partial anonymity when transferring funds: — the server will keep records of the transaction in case it would be needed to dispute a case.

That being said, here are the best ways to send money anonymously.

1. Use Money Transfer Services to Send Money Anonymously

Money transfer services such as MoneyGram, WesternUnion, Xoom have been one of the best ways to send money anonymously for years. They are among the best international money transfer apps so far.

Money transfer services let you can make an untraceable money transfer if you make the right choice on the service that offer the anonymity you need.

The best way to send money anonymously through money transfer services is to send the money directly to the recipient's account.

The transfer service's code will be visible to the recipient, but no information on the sender will be disclosed.

Neither your recipient nor the banks will see your bank information. Only the money and the name of the transfer service will be recorded by the bank of the recipient.

The steps for using a money transfer service to send money anonymously are as follows:

  1. Find a forwarding agent in the recipient’s area.
  2. Enter the payment details to transfer the money to the forwarding agent.
  3. Fill out the form/email that the recipient will receive notifying them of the funds.
  4. Complete the process.

2. Use Cryptocurrencies to Send Money Anonymously

Modern cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) was first launched in 2009 with almost no value, but nowadays, cryptocurrencies have become one of the important assets that keep the worldwide economy turning.

Cryptocurrencies let you send money anonymously online as no traces of the sender are revealed to the receiver. The receiver only sees the sender's address and the amount sent.

Each Bitcoin transaction's timings, amount, donor and recipient wallet addresses, and other details are all stored on the blockchain.

Although it is regarded as a reasonably anonymous payment method, it is not completely private.

Cryptocurrencies are best for those looking to donate to a charity.

Getting cryptocurrencies isn't that much of a big deal. You can buy it or mine it yourself with the best cryptocurrency mining apps. Getting a crypto loan instantly is another option.

You can use crypto exchange platforms in case you want to make extra crypto before using it to send money anonymously.

3. Use Blank Checks to Send Money Anonymously

Most checks are written in the user's name and come from either personal or business checkbooks. Many banks, though, can assist you in writing a more private check.

To obtain a blank check, try requesting a single check with your name crossed out from your bank. Usually, the account number is the only thing that needs to be written on the check.

Therefore, the beneficiary is allowed to cash the check, but only the banks are able to identify the proper parties.

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4. Use Prepaid Cards to Send Money Anonymously

Prepaid cards are the preferred methods for making payments online because they offer the convenience and security card holders need to pay for their items online.

These cards are often referred to as prepaid cards for international shopping.

We often have to go through a drawn-out process when applying for a debit or credit card where the card provider thoroughly checks our financial history.

While credit cards require a credit check, the majority of debit cards have all transactions recorded.

Gift cards and prepaid credit come with more privacy.

Most prepaid card providers offer prepaid cards that are ideal for those looking to send money anonymously.

All you'll need to do is to load the card with the necessary funds, then use it as needed.

You must select a single-use card because reusable cards usually require credit and SSN checks but single cards do not.

Prepaid gift cards provided at gas stations or retail locations may be used as anonymous payment in most situations.

Depending on the service you want to pay for, prepaid gift cards can be accepted as payment. This is great because the cards don't contain any payment or ID information.

They are also rather easily available and simple to use on sites that take them, such as when paying for an anonymous VPN.

The only time you should be concerned about your information being disclosed is when you are thinking about signing up for the service you wish to pay for.

Depending on the card, you might be able to use a prepaid gift card offline, online, or both ways.

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5. Use Virtual Cards to Send Money Anonymously

Virtual cards are prepaid cards that can only be accessed through mobile devices.

Virtual cards are one of the best ways to send money anonymously.

Some financial institutions let you create a virtual credit card that is only used to make purchases from your main account; — your actual account number and other details are kept private.

This feature offered by most financial institutions create disposable virtual cards that you can use for one-time payments. This is a great way to send money anonymously since the one-time-use virtual card will no longer be valid.

Privacy.com which is a well-known virtual card provider offer virtual cards that you can use to send money anonymously.

Additionally, most virtual card providers don't require you to provide information that can identify you as a sender.

6. Pay by Cash

Paying by cash is one of the best ways to send money anonymously.

You don't leave any traces behind you when you pay someone through cash.

Cash might no longer be king given the numerous modern payment methods that offer faster and secure transactions.

But when it comes to maintaining anonymity, money still reigns supreme.

7. Use Third Party to Deliver Cash

Though this method isn't widely practiced, having someone else to deliver cash to your receiver is one of the best ways to send money anonymously.

Of course, you'll need to trust the third party before asking them to deliver the cash.

This person can be a friend or a close relative you trust that won't reveal you identity when they deliver the cash.

8. Use GoFundMe to Send Money Anonymously

GoFundMe is a good platform to send money anonymously.

If more than one person is making a monetary contribution in a group, it will be best you join the group. Most groups allow you to join without adding your name to the list.

Some just list the participants and include a disclaimer at the end that "those involved who wished to have their names hidden" is mentioned. If you use the plural "others," you should be good to go.

9. Create a Business or Premier PayPal account to Send Money Anonymously

Many people choose a secure PayPal account while attempting to figure out how to send money anonymously over the Internet.

There are various account types offered by PayPal. Using fictional personal information to open an account and send quick payments is possible with Business and Premier accounts.

To send money anonymously online, all you need to do is add the email address of your recipient to your list of payees.

10. Use a Charity Organization to Send Money Anonymously

Obviously, this is a topic for another discussion, but you must research an agency before using one.

You must be certain that the money you spend will be put to the intended use.

Almost any charity can help you direct your donations to deserving people or causes while assisting you in maintaining your anonymity if you find one with which you feel comfortable.

This is usually the best course of action if you are giving a large sum of money because these organizations are experts at maximizing huge gifts.

JustGive is a reputable charity organization that allow you to make anonymous donations to people and their charities. 

You have the option to include your name and a special message when you make a donation.

You can omit this step and send the donation right away without completing those fields.

Pros & Cons of Sending Money Anonymously

Sending money anonymously comes with many advantages and disadvantages.

Pros of Sending Money Anonymously

  • Helps you obscure your transactions from law enforcement.
  • In a number of countries, non-government-controlled media is forbidden. As a result, if you read the Wall Street Journal, you run the risk of quickly losing the general population. Anonymous payment is therefore important.
  • Allows you to simply maintain your financial privacy.
  • It's essential if you don't want to give online businesses access to your personal information.
  • A VPN subscription that appears on your bank account is very strong evidence that you're seeking to circumvent Internet restrictions. Sending money anonymously should help you get through this.
  • Donating anonymously to a charity lets you to do it without being recognized.
  • Helps you secure your account information from thieves in the event of a data breach.

Cons of Sending Money Anonymously

  • In case you're monitored by the law, you might be immediately identified as a suspect if you send money anonymously.
  • Your information will be linked to an anonymous transaction even if the business decides not to give it to the recipient.
  • Officials have the right to track down anonymous financial transactions where there is a good reason to.
  • Obtaining a refund for the services could be difficult.
  • Potentially incorrect courier processing.

Is it Legal to Send Money Anonymously?

Yes, sending money anonymously online is legal as long as you don't violate the law.

There are various situations where you might want to donate money anonymously online.

One possibility is that you may like to support a charity anonymously.

Or perhaps you don't want to give online businesses access to your personal information.

No matter our reasons, we are all required to maintain a certain level of privacy and data protection. So it's acceptable to send money anonymously.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you send someone money anonymously?

Yes. Major money transfer services like PayPal and Western Union may allow you to send money anonymously to the recipient, but the transfer is not truly anonymous. Your information will be connected to the transaction, even if PayPal or Western Union doesn't share that information with the recipient.

How can I send money without revealing identity?

You can send money through crypto, blank checks without revealing your identity.

Can I send money anonymously through cash App?

Yes, you can send money anonymously on Cash App. However, you'll need a Cash App account. The recipient will see your Cashtag username, but they won't know who sent the money anonymously. So, use a unique Cashtag name that won't identify you as the user.

Final Thoughts: How to Send Money Anonymously

Sending money anonymously comes with lots of benefits of which the first is keeping your information private.

You can donate to a charity or use cryptocurrencies, cash and other methods listed in this article to send money anonymously.

Though some of these methods offer a completely anonymous way to send money online, most of them are not completely anonymous and will keep a record of your transaction on their servers in case the need for it arises.

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