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How To Withdraw Buying Power From Robinhood (Updated Guide)

Your buying power is the money you use to purchase stocks on the platform. This article compiles steps to withdraw buying power from Robinhood.
withdraw buying power from robinhood

Got some money as buying power on Robinhood and want to withdraw? You're at the right place.

The platform tend to be complex especially for beginners which prompts users to wonder how to withdraw buying power from Robinhood.

Robinhood is one of the leading commission-free trading platforms that lets its users invest in stocks, options, crypto, ETFs and eventually withdraw money to their bank accounts.

Robinhood welcomes all traders (including beginners, intermediate and expert trader).

As a beginner to trading, you should find Robinhood very appealing thanks to its simple and easy-to-use layout.

A beginners guide to Robinhood explains all you need to know about Robinhood and how to get started with the platform.

Most intermediate and expert traders often transfer stocks from Robinhood to Fidelity or even TD Ameritrade, Webull because of the extended features offered by these Robinhood competitors.

Crypto traders transfer crypto from Robinhood to Coinbase, Crypto.com since they offer extended crypto trading features.

Before being able to sell on Robinhood, you need to buy the assets.

The money made available to purchase trading assets on Robinhood is known as a buying power.

In most cases, users tend to accumulate much of buying power and as a result, they will likely want to withdraw part or all of it.

This article focuses on showing you how to withdraw buying power from Robinhood.

You can add money to Robinhood without bank.

Table of Contents

What is Robinhood?

Robinhood Markets, Inc. is an American financial services company based in Menlo Park, California, that is most known for pioneering commission-free stock, ETF, and cryptocurrency trading through a mobile app launched in March 2015.

Robinhood is a FINRA-regulated broker-dealer that is also a member of the Securities Investor Protection Corporation.

It is also registered with the US Securities and Exchange Commission. Interest gained on customers' cash balances, selling order information to high-frequency traders (a practice for which the SEC started an investigation into the company in September 2020), and margin lending are the three main sources of revenue for the company.

Robinhood has 31 million users and 1.6 million people on its cryptocurrency wallet queue as of 2021.

What is Buying Power in Robinhood?

The amount of money you have available to buy stocks, options, or cryptocurrencies on Robinhood is referred to as your buying power.

Trading in stocks and options is done through your Robinhood Financial brokerage account, while buying and selling cryptocurrency is done through a separate Robinhood Crypto account.

In the app or on Robinhood Web, you can still see all of your buying power in one place.

Robinhood users can even add money to Robinhood without bank account.

Can You Withdraw Buying Power from Robinhood?

Yes, Robinhood users can withdraw their buying power from Robinhood.

The funds available as buying power will be sent to your bank account.

How to Withdraw Buying Power from Robinhood?

Transferring your buying power from Robinhood to bank account is a great way to withdraw the buying power from the commission-free trading platform.

You can withdraw buying power from Robinhood either through the Robinhood app or through the Robinhood website.

Withdrawing Buying Power from Robinhood Through Robinhood App

  1. Log in to your Robinhood account.
  2. Select the "Account" icon appearing in the right corner of the bottom side.
  3. Tap the "Transfer" option and select "Transfer to Your Bank."
  4. Enter the amount you want to transfer in dollar and tap "Continue."
  5. In the "From" field, select Robinhood and in the "To" field select your bank account.
  6. Review the details and tap "Transfer" to transfer the money.

Withdrawing Buying Power from Robinhood Through Robinhood Web

  1. Log in to your Robinhood Account on the web.
  2. Tap the "Account" tab appearing at the top right corner of the screen.
  3. Click "Transfers."
  4. Enter the details required to initiate the transfer (such as the "From" field, "To" field, and the amount in dollars.
  5. Now, tap the green "Review transfer" button to proceed.
  6. Finally, tap "Submit."

You can withdraw up to $50,000 from Robinhood buying power to your bank account five times every business day.

Keep in mind that not all Robinhood users might be able to withdraw their buying power directly to their bank accounts. In most cases, you'll need to trade in the buying power and wait for the proceeds to "settle" before you might be able to transfer it to your bank account.

Why Can't I Withdraw My Buying Power on Robinhood?

The money in your Robinhood account must "settle" before you may be able to transfer it.

The time required for cash settlement is the date of trade plus two additional trading days, commonly abbreviated as T+2.

You can transfer it to your account on the third day.

It's important to remember that you can't make more than 5 withdrawals in a single day.

Another common issue faced on Robinhood is withdrawable cash is $0.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I withdraw money from Robinhood buying power?

You can withdraw money from Robinhood buying power by simply transferring it to your bank.

Why can't I take out buying power Robinhood?

The buying power is the amount of money you have as stocks and other assets on the platform. Most people with restricted accounts might find it difficult to withdraw buying power from Robinhood.

Is buying power on Robinhood my money?

Buying power is typically the amount of money you can use to purchase stocks, options, or cryptocurrencies.

Why is my money stuck in buying power Robinhood?

In most cases, it occurs because the money hasn't settle yet after a successful trade. You'll need to wait the trade date plus two more days before you should be able to withdraw the money.

Final Thoughts

Robinhood is one of the leading commission-free trading platforms that lets its users trade stocks, options, crypto, ETFs.

Buying power refers to the amount of money you have to invest in stocks, options, or cryptocurrency on the platform.

Robinhood users can withdraw their buying power to their bank accounts through the mobile app or via the web app.

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