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How To Borrow Money From Robinhood [Complete Process]

Getting margin on Robinhood is a great way to make money on the platform. This article compiles a step by step process to borrow money from Robinhood.
borrow money from robinhood

If you want to borrow money from Robinhood but unsure on how to do it, then, you are at the right place. Robinhood is a well-known stock, options and crypto trading platform that offer commission-free trading services. One of Robinhood's features is the Margin Investing which is enabled by default on the app.

This Margin Investing also known as Share Lending lets you lend your margin to unknown investors. Not everyone love's this feature since there is no potential gain in this. This is why users tend to turn off this Share Lending feature on the app.

Robinhood allows its users invest in margin. Investing in margin on Robinhood is like borrowing money on the platform to increase your potential gains. However, this may also lead to some potential loses if you aren't well oriented on investing in margins.

Every business though profitable, can also lead to loses. This increases your experience in the business and help you avoid future errors which is why most of us will want to get margin on Robinhood.

That said, if you want to get margin on Robinhood but unsure on where to start, continue reading because in this article, I will show you how to borrow money from Robinhood.

What is Share Lending or Margin Investing?

A margin loan, also known as an investment loan, is a type of gearing that allows you to borrow money to invest in approved stocks or managed funds while using your existing cash, stocks, or managed funds as collateral.

The amount you can borrow is determined by your portfolio's securities, their Loan to Value Ratio, and a credit limit based on an evaluation of your financial situation.

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Can I Get Margin On Robinhood?

Yes, you may use Robinhood's margin investing feature to borrow money to buy assets. This allows you to borrow money based on the value of specific securities in your brokerage account. However, only Robinhood Gold users are allowed to borrow money from Robinhood.

Margin investing allows you to be more flexible with your money: if you notice a market opportunity and want to invest more, you can do so right away without having to make a deposit with your bank.

Margin investing access is not automatic, unlike Instant Deposits, which you get by default. You must upgrade to Robinhood Gold and apply for eligibility.

If you sign up for Robinhood Gold and apply for margin investing, you may be eligible for additional buying power. The money you're allowed to borrow from Robinhood to invest is represented by this additional buying power.

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How to Borrow Money From Robinhood

Buying on margin, according to Robinhood, implies "borrowing money from your broker to purchase shares." The difference between the entire amount you invest and the amount you borrowed from your broker is known as margin. You must repay the broker with interest, just like any other loan.

Requirements to Get Margin On Robinhood

To get margin on Robinhood, you'll need a Robinhood Gold subscription, which costs $5 per month. You must also pay $1,000 in margin, which is included in the $5 per month payment.

On Robinhood, you'll also have to pay a 2.5 percent interest rate on the margin.

In general, here's what you'll need to get Margin on Robinhood.

  • Get a Robinhood Gold account.
  • Have a portfolio value of at least $2,000, or $25,000 if you’re a designated day trader.
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Steps to Borrow Money From Robinhood

  1. Open the Robinhood app on your phone.
  2. On the lower right, tap the person icon.
  3. In the top right corner, tap the three-line menu symbol.
  4. Choose the yellow icon in the upper right corner.
  5. Choose "Margin Investing".
  6. Tap "Turn on Margin".
  7. Wait for the app to complete its eligibility check.
  8. Finally, tap "Confirm."

At step eight, you can also specify a borrowing limit. This will assist you avoid over-purchasing. At any time, you can check your available margin.

The margin you're now using isn't the available margin .

Margin is a faster way to make money, but it's also quite risky. Even if your investment fails, you must repay the interest. If you borrow too much money, your broker has the right to sell your assets if you don't pay it back.

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How Much Margin Does Robinhood Gives?

The amount of investable margin Robinhood give depends on the value and volatility of your investments, according to Robinhood's margin maintenance requirements.

How to Increase Your Available Margin On Robinhood?

It's easy to increase your available margin. First, make sure your account isn't in the deficit and that you haven't received a margin call. These two criteria are critical for increasing your profit margin.

Next, fund your Robinhood Gold account with more funds. Increasing the value of your portfolio will usually enhance the amount of available margin. Because the scale is around 1:1, a $4,000 account should have roughly the same amount of available margin.

Your available margin will not rise if you have set a borrowing limit. The limit will prevent the margin from growing even if you add a large amount of money. Before you can proceed, you must first eliminate the borrowing restriction.

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Why Can't I Use Margin on Robinhood?

You can't use Margin on the platform if you don't have a Robinhood Gold account.

If you do have an account, it's either because you don't have enough money in it or because you've been notified of a margin call. To use margin, you must also invest all of the money in your account.

You might have also neglected to enable margin trading.

Make sure you don't have a margin call or a deficit. If you're in the clear, you should be able to use margin.

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How Do You Pay Back Margin On Robinhood?

Investing the margin in the right way will generate you more profit and you can use this profit to start paying back for the margin. Regardless of the underlying value of the shares you purchased, you must repay your margin loan. Robinhood Financial retains the right to change its maintenance margin requirements at any time and without prior notice.

You'll need to deposit more cash or suitable collateral if your account's equity falls below the minimum maintenance requirements (which vary by security). If you fail to meet your minimums, Robinhood Financial may be forced to sell a portion or all of your investments, with or without your permission.

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Frequently Asked Questions On How to Borrow Money From Robinhood

Does Robinhood Have Cash Accounts?

It certainly does. If you downgrade from a Gold or Instant account, you can get one. You can downgrade to a Cash account if you aren't utilizing any Gold Buying Power.

Before you can make the modification, you must contact Robinhood's support team.

To downgrade to a Cash account, follow these steps:

  • Open the Robinhood app.
  • Click the "Account" button at the bottom right.
  • Select the three bars at the top-right corner.
  • Choose "Settings."
  • Hit "Robinhood Gold."
  • Choose "Downgrade from Gold."
  • Downgrade to Robinhood Instant.
  • Contact the support team to downgrade further to Cash.

Although Cash accounts do not have the same trading limits as the other two accounts, some users prefer not to utilize them. They believe that receiving money late is unsatisfactory. Some customers, on the other hand, want unlimited day trades and are willing to wait a little longer. If you agree, Robinhood Cash could be the right fit for you.

Does Robinhood Have Margin Accounts?

Yes. Margin trading is available for Robinhood Gold accounts. You must pay $5 per month plus any interest to upgrade. You must not be in any kind of deficit or have received a margin call.

You must also enable margin trading from the options menu. The steps are listed above.

How Do I Get More Available Margin on Robinhood?

A great way to get more available margin is by depositing more money into your Robinhood Gold account. The more money you have, the more margin you have to work with.

Should I Buy Margin?

You can't easily figure that out. Buying on margin can help you boost your profits and gains. This, however, is heavily contingent on your ability to handle a loss. It also depends on your level of familiarity with margin trading.

Investors that grasp the concept of margin will be able to make more money. The dangers, on the other hand, are severe. They must expect to lose money if their investments underperform.

The margin call will be dreaded by everybody who buys on margin.

You can risk buying margin if you know you can withstand a loss and pay it back. The profits can be much higher than those earned by investors who employ less risky strategies.

If you know you can't take a drop like this, though, don't buy margin. It's preferable to be safe than sorry.

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Conclusion On How To Borrow Money From Robinhood

Holding stock on margin might be a fast method to make money, but it comes with a lot of risk. You can open a margin account with Robinhood, but there are a few requirements. You must be cautious, and it is suggested that you set a borrowing limit to avoid additional limits.

The steps above show how to borrow money from Robinhood at the same time setting a borrowing limit.

Still find it worth borrowing money from Robinhood? Did you even get the margin? Let us know in the comments section our in our Telegram Forum.

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