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Does Target Take Apple Pay?

Yes, Target takes Apple Pay pay as a payment method and here's what you should know when using Apple Pay at Target.
does target take apple pay

Yes, Target accepts Apple pay as a payment method in-store but not in-app or on the website. Because all Target shops have RFID-enabled POS systems, you can pay with your iPhone or Apple Watch no matter which Target location you go to.

You can use Apple Pay after a Target cashier has rung up your purchases by tapping your iPhone or Apple Watch on the credit card scanner. This process also applies to self-checkout. (Be aware that you must first set up Apple Pay before using it at Target or elsewhere.)

It's equally simple to use Apple Pay on the Target app or website. Target will provide an Apple Pay option during checkout if it detects that you're buying on an Apple device.

When you tap this button, a little pop-up appears asking you to authenticate your identity using Touch ID, Face ID, or a password. After that, Apple Pay will bill your credit or debit card for the purchase you've made.

It will also work if you have an Apple Card. Your Apple-branded credit card is simply a MasterCard, so it should work almost anywhere (and certainly at every Target).

Target also accepts Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and "any contactless digital wallet" in addition to Apple Pay. On Target's website, you may find a complete list of accepted payment methods.

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Does Target Take Apple Pay Online?

No, Apple Pay is not accepted as a payment method on the Target website. Apple Pay is exclusively accepted in Target stores and on the Target app. While Apple Pay isn't available for use on the website, the Apple Card, which is Apple's credit card, is.

How to Use Apple Pay at Target Stores

The RFID symbol looks like a sideways Wi-Fi symbol, with waves radiating outward. Next to the RFID symbol, the screen reader should say "Tap."

Contactless payments are now accepted at all Target locations.

Target's contactless payment capability does not require a contactless credit or debit card. You can instead use your Apple Pay app.

Bring your mobile device up to the card reader and wait until the card reader screen indicates that payment has been successfully completed. A beep or a thank-you message should appear on the screen. Then, looking at your phone, follow any Apple Pay prompts.

Waiting until the cashier has completed scanning all of your products before beginning the contactless payment procedure is unnecessary. Even if the cashier still has things to scan, you can bring your phone up to the card reader.

You can use your Apple Watch instead if you have an Apple Watch with Apple Pay activated. It will make things a little easier.

After you've finished shopping, you can complete the checkout procedure and collect your purchases and receipt.

Keep in mind that for your security, Target may tokenize your card number on the receipt. The last four digits of your card displayed on the screen may differ from the ones on your actual card. That doesn't imply Target made a mistake, though.

Can You Use Apple Pay on Target App? - How to Use Apple Pay on Target App

As of writing this article, the Target app does not yet accept Apple Pay. That, however, could alter at any time. Updated payment methods can be found here.

Although Apple Pay isn't available in the Target app, you may still use your Apple Card. Apple Card is a credit card from Apple that can be used with or without Apple Pay.

When you sign up for an Apple Card, you'll get a tangible card with the Apple logo in the mail.

You may use the Apple Card anyplace Mastercard is accepted because it is powered by Mastercard. The Target app is included in this.

Keep in mind, though, that rewards vary, and you won't get as much cashback if you pay with your actual card at locations that don't offer Apple Pay.

When you pay with your Apple Card using your Apple Pay account, you will receive a 2% reward. You will only receive 1% cashback if you use your Apple Card without using Apple Pay.

Can You Use Apple Pay on the Target Website? - How to Use Apple Pay on Target Website

As of now, Target does not accept Apple Pay on their website, despite having done so in the past.

There is, however, a workaround: sign up for the Apple Card and utilize it at the checkout. All Mastercard credit cards, including the Apple Card, are accepted at Target.

Can You Use Apple Pay at Target Self Checkout?

Yes, you can use Apple Pay at any Target self-checkout.

Target locations have self-checkout counters where you may scan your products and pay for them without having to wait for a cashier. Lines are frequently shorter, allowing you to save time.

How to Use Apple Pay at Target Self Checkout

To use Apple Pay at Target self-checkout, you will need to scan your items first. When it comes time to pay, you'll have a few choices. Choose "Wallet."

Look at the card reader screen beside the main self-checkout screen once you've done that. Along with the term "Tap," you should see the RFID symbol. This means contactless payments are acceptable.

Bring your iPhone or Apple Watch up to the screen and select the contactless payment option. Wait for the beep or thank-you message, then follow any on-screen instructions. Gather your belongings and receipts, and you're ready to go.

Can Target RedCard Be Used With Apple Pay? - How Do I Add My Target RedCard to My Apple Wallet?

Apple Pay is not compatible with Target RedCard. And as unfortunate as the situation is, the Target RedCard cannot be added to your Apple Pay wallet. RedCard does not work with Apple Pay or other digital wallets, but it does with Target's in-app wallet.

All Target users have access to the Wallet feature on the Target mobile app. It combines the Target RedCard, Target Circle earnings and discounts, Target gift cards, and more to simplify the checkout process at Target shops.

You will be given a barcode that you can use to check out at Target stores, either by yourself or by using a cashier-operated lane. If you wish to keep your Target Circle profits for later, you can toggle them on or off.

Target Wallet does not allow you to add any third-party payment options, such as Apple Pay or a debit or credit card. Additionally, Target Wallet is just for in-store checkout and not for online or app purchases.

Is It Safe to Use Apple Pay At Target?

Using Apple Pay at Target is just as safe as it is anywhere else.

Generally, when using any payment method – including Apple Pay – you should always take required precautions and exercise your best judgment. It is, however, entirely safe as a general rule.

Are There Fees for Using Apple Pay at Target?

There are no fees associated with using Apple Pay at Target or anywhere else that accepts it.

If you're charged fees, they'll come from the bank that's linked to your Apple Pay account, and they'll usually be for insufficient funds or something similar.

Is There a Limit for Using Apple Pay at Target?

Apple Pay has no limitations when used at Target. If your purchase totals more than $50, you may be required to give a signature.

Apple Pay Declined at Target: Troubleshooting Apple Pay at Target

There may be a simple workaround if you tried to use Apple Pay at checkout and the system denied your payment.

The first thing to look for is a connection between your Apple Pay account and the Target contactless card reader.

If you didn't get your phone or Apple Watch close enough to the screen the first time, try again. It's also possible that you held it in the incorrect position, too far away from the reader.

Another possibility is that you took your phone out of your pocket too quickly, preventing the card reader from establishing a connection and registering the payment.

Before withdrawing your phone from the screen, wait for the beep or thank-you message.

The two-factor authentication method may potentially be problematic. To authenticate the transaction, your phone may not be able to read your fingerprint or face.

The fingerprint reader, for example, could be damaged, or you could have put your finger incorrectly on the reader. Confirm your identification once more.

If the issue is with your phone, you may need to visit an Apple store to have it repaired. In the meantime, instead of using Touch ID, you might be able to input your password.

You could potentially be experiencing issues with your internet connection. Apple Pay is a smartphone app, unlike contactless debit and credit cards. As a result, it is dependent on an internet connection to work.

If you don't have access to mobile data, you might be able to connect to Target's public guest Wifi. To protect your data and encrypt your internet activity, use a VPN. If you have mobile data but are having trouble connecting, simply try again.

There could also be an issue with the payment method associated with your Apple Pay account.

If you linked a debit card, for example, the card may not have sufficient funds to cover the cost of your Target purchase.

Your card may also have been blocked by your bank owing to a security risk or because you reported it as lost or stolen.

The card could possibly be out of date. Calling your bank to explain the situation is a good idea.

It's also possible that you entered your card information wrongly on Apple Pay.

You might have entered the wrong digits or the erroneous expiration date, for example.

Finally, the Target contactless payment reader may be malfunctioning. If you're utilizing a self-checkout counter, ask the cashier for assistance or phone a customer service agent. They might be able to help you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pay with my phone at Target?

You can use your Wallet to pay using your Target REDcard and save with Cartwheel by scanning with your phone at Target's checkout.

How do I add Apple Pay to target?

To add Apple Pay to Target; Open the Wallet app on your iPhone >> Tap the “+” button in the top-right corner of the screen >> Tap Continue on the next screen >> Tap Add Card >> Take a photo of your Apple Cash or type-in the details >> Enter the card's expiration date and CVV >> Select Next.

Why is Apple pay not working for Target?

Target does not accept Apple Pay as a payment method. To use Apple Pay at Target, make sure you've linked your Apple Cash correctly to Target.

Final Thoughts

Target is a prominent American retailer with more than 1,900 stores and 368,000 workers. Shoppers adore them for their low-cost fashionable clothing, food, baby basics, electronics, jewelry, furniture, garden supplies, lawn products, shoes, pet supplies, toys, small appliances, beauty products, and health supplies.

Apple Pay is a contactless payment method that lets customers pay using their iPhones and Apple Watches. Apple Pay has been constantly growing and its usage has increased across supported countries.

Target that aims at customers convenience accepts Apple Pay which makes it easy and convenient for users to pay for their goods at Target.

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