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Free Internet Orange Cameroon Trick With HTTP Injector

Orange Cameroon is a well-known ISP in the country. Find out how to use HTTP Injector to get free internet with Orange.
orange cameroon free internet

Free Internet is a leading term that many search on because it has become just rare now our days though there are various free internet trick for most countries. 

On this blog, I have been posting various free internet tricks for various countries and some still work till date. Recently, I based my focus on providing free internet tricks to Cameroon users of which i make sure I release free internet tweaks for any network in Cameroon most often. So other users around the world especially in Africa should stay firm because I will get something for your country one day. 

I lately released free internet tricks for MTN Cameroon Using SlowDNS, HTTP Injector and still many aren’t satisfied. You should always note that no freesurf or free internet will ever satisfy you since no free internet lasts for ever.

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Orange Cameroon Free Internet Using HTTP Injector

In today’s post, I will be sharing the orange cameron free internet config with HTTP Injector. No further setup required once you get the config. 

Once you get the config, switch your data connection and hit START in HTTP Injector.

It is really difficult to get orange Cameroon internet tricks or configs most especially in getting a working config for it requires delicate setup. The least users can do is not to sell this config to other and support the researches on these tweaks. 

They are some here that don’t know what free internet is. So let me briefly tell them what free internet is. 

What is Free Internet?

Free internet is a set of protocols and methods used to access the Internet at no cost. This usually makes use of open ports, leakages, and exploits using some third party VPN providing applications which tend to mask our IP addresses from our ISP and get us connected to the internet for free.

With free internet, you see things differently and you get to use it wisely. This helps many IT guys in their researches and their job online. This also serves those who stream online and download heavy contents. You can do a variety of things with free internet putting in mind that you don’t have any restrictions.

How to get the Free Internet Config

Like always, there are usually steps in getting started for free internet. You should follow the below steps in getting the config working for you. But before heading to the procedure, read the requirements below and make sure you got all the necessities.


  • An Orange Cameroon SIM Card with zero data in it.
  • An Android Device running on Android 4.0 and above.
  • HTTP Injector Application (latest version).
  • Any of the configs below (All are working).

Make sure you are using the latest version of HTTP Injector and make sure your SIM Card has zero data in it then follow the procedure below.


  • Download HTTP Injector from Google PlayStore and open it.
  • Download any of the configs below. They are named “OrangeCam Config and OrangeCam Config 2”
  • Click the paper tray icon on the top right corner of the application and select Import Config.
  • Now locate the config you downloaded from the link below and load it.
  • Read the notice in the config and focus your mind on that then click START and you will get connected on the spot.

Important to Note:

  1. Make sure you read the guide provided along side the config.
  2. This config is to be strictly downloaded from here and shouldn’t be share anywhere else. Any user that wants it can just get it from the link. Why this? This is to minimize the sales of this config.
  3. This config is free for everyone
  4. It works fine with telegram and you should consider adding DNS for other applications and websites in other to use the config with other applications.
  5. Patiently keep heads up for more updates and join my Telegram Channel to always be updated on more tricks I will release.

Download the Configs

Now that you’ve gotten all the essentials about this configs, you can download it from any of the links below. I took time to make two configs so everyone will benefit of the trick...

Getting Info...

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