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Backup GB WhatsApp to Google Drive | Easy Working Method

How to backup gb whatsapp to gdrive Backup gb whatsapp to google drive Gb whatsapp to google drive method
WhatsApp has been since a long time now one of the most downloaded and used applications. WhatsApp offers its users many opportunities and advantages to chat with our loved ones across the globe without having to pay anything. 

Many people demand for more than what WhatsApp offers already to us and these demands led some developers develop an advanced version of WhatsApp known as GB WhatsApp. Unfortunately, this version can not auto backup messages and chats to your google drive storage which is what we will turn over today.

 In this tutorial, I will show you how to backup your GB WhatsApp to Google Drive.

Backup gb whatsapp to google drive

What’s WhatsApp all about?

WhatsApp is a free messaging and voice over application usually known as a freeware cross platform that is owned by Facebook Inc. WhatsApp was developed years after Facebook to facilitate communication around the globe just by using their mobile numbers. 

WhatsApp provides an easy way for us to make voice overs and send messages around the world without any carrier charges.

Why was GB WhatsApp developed?

Though, with this great opportunity WhatsApp brought to us, some people think it’s not sufficient as compared to some other applications as Telegram. 
Due to security purposes, I won’t list these properties that made people think that way right here.

So, that’s the reason that pushed some developers to develop an unofficial version of WhatsApp known as GB WhatsApp.

Advantages of Using GB WhatsApp 

The good thing behind GB WhatsApp is, it multiplies the capacity of WhatsApp you know by two and this trend increases every time an update is released. 

Also, GbWhatsApp brings new features WhatsApp doesn’t have. I guess the GB WhatsApp users here know of it. Some are;
  • You can change the theme though WhatsApp released a dark theme option lately.
  • You can easily see deleted WhatsApp messages.
  • The file upload size has increased.
  • You can hide your online status from anyone
  • You can see who is online or not without entering the chat and many more...

Disadvantages of Using GB WhatsApp 

The two main disadvantages I can tell you on this GB WhatsApp are as follows;
  • It is an unofficial version of WhatsApp and Thus, it’s not recognized by many third parties.
  • It’s chat cannot be backup to Google Drive in case if you loss your data, you can’t retrieve it because you didn’t backup.
So now coming to the backup part, I will show you how to backup your GB WhatsApp to your GDrive.

How to Backup your GB WhatsApp to Google Drive

Now we getting to the trick. To backup your GBWhatsApp, you need to upload the storage records to your google drive. 


I got two methods that can let you through the backup process; You got the manual and an automated method. 

Manual Method to Backup GB WhatsApp to Google Drive

  • Navigate to your Internal Storage
  • Locate your WhatsApp >> Databases >> and copy all the files there to your Google Drive.
  • When you install Gb WhatsApp on another phone, simply download those files and place them back in the Databases folder.
  • That’s the direct method.

Automated Method to Backup GB WhatsApp to Google Drive

This is probably the easiest method to carry out the backup. 
The backup is done by an application known as Autosync for Google Drive. This application does everything thing for you at a single click and uploads your folder to google drive. 
You can get the application on Google PlayStore. 

The google play version is quite limited for unregistered users and the full features of the app is not unlocked.
So, that’s why i got an unlimited version unlocked for you to use which you can get from the link below in the post.


  • An Android device running android 4.0 at least,
  • AutoSync for Google Drive, 
  • A good Internet Connection.


  • After you must have downloaded the application, install it. 
  • Open the app and click on Sync and that’s all.
  • That’s all.


You will need to disable the battery optimization in the settings to let the app work efficiently and backup in background without interruptions.

To do that, navigate to settings >> Applications >> AutoSync >> Click on app >> select battery >> and choose do not optimize. 

Some Related Issues 

Some people also try to backup gbwhatsapp to whatsapp and some to backup gbwhatsapp to their sd card. To do that, you need to locate the gbwhatsapp folder and copy to you sd card.

To backup gbwhatsapp to whatsapp, just locate the gbwhatsapp folder and rename it to WhatsApp then explore the content of that folder and remove all the gb before whatsapp
Example: from GBWhatsApp to WhatsApp.

A detailed video on this tutorial has been made available for those of you who need a video tutorial on this. Check the video below.

Download AutoSync for Google Drive Ultimate Version

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