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Free Internet For Turkcell Turkey Via HA Tunnel Plus, HTTP Injector, TLS Tunnel, OpenTunnel

Get the latest Turkey Turkcell Free Internet browsing trick with HA Tunnel Plus, HTTP Injector, TLS Tunnel and Open Tunnel config files.

Are you a Turkcell user and you find it difficult to purchase the internet bundles provided by your ISP? 

Or you are probably looking for a method that will permit you to test and enjoy free internet with Turkcell without any restriction? Then, this is the trick for you. Just continue reading.

Free internet for tuckcell

Is Free Internet With Turkcell even possible?

Though its complicated and difficult to find loop holes with such ISPs, It is always important to note that in computer science and technology, no system is 100% secured and probably can have system faults one way or the other.

That’s why today, it is possible for my fellow readers from Turkey using Turkcell to be able to browse the Internet freely without having to pay anything.

That said, you can get free internet with Turkcell network in Turkey with HA Tunnel Plus, HTTP Injector, TLS Tunnel, OpenTunnel with the help of free internet config files.

What is Free Internet and How Does it Works?

It’s possible that most of you reading this post probably know ou chez and all you need to know about free internet. But, there are still others who are reading this post with and idea on free internet and want some hints to confirm their ideas.

Free internet is a way or method system users or clients of a particular ISP or network get access to the internet without any internet bundle. Yes you got it right, without subscribing to an internet offer proposed by your network operators.

This is possible due to system faults and loop holes that occur in ISP database that can easily lead to data leakages and more often exploitation in other to get more information or data from that system.

We end at this point. Now lets get to the free internet tweak for Turkcell.

Turkcell Free Internet Tweak Via HA Tunnel Plus, HTTP Injector, 

Before we proceed, you are gonna need some requirements before getting the trick work for you.


  1. Turkcell SIM Card with zero data in it.
  2. HA Tunnel Plus App
  3. HTTP Injector App
  4. TLS Tunnel App
  5. OpenTunnel App

You can download the respective apps from the procedure section.

Procedure to Get Free Internet in Turkey

1. For a start, download and install the below applications.

2. Now that you have the apps, you will need its config files.

You can download config files for each specific VPN tunneling app listed above below and import it in the app and start enjoying free internet.

Download HA Tunnel Plus Free Internet HAT File for Turkcell

Turkey(Turkcell)-Free-Internet.hat 1.84KB

Download HTTP Injector Free Internet EHI File for Turkcell

Turkey(Turkcell)-Free-Internet.ehi 2.87KB

Download TLS Tunnel Free Internet TLS File for Turkcell

Turkey(Turkcell)-Free-Internet.tls 2.05KB

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Download OpenTunnel Free Internet TNL File for Turkcell

Turkey(Turkcell)-Free-Internet.tnl 2.83KB

3. Once you download the config files, you will need to import it into the respective applications.

How to import Config Files Into VPN Tunnel Apps

  1. Click on the paper tray icon in the app interface then select import.
  2. Now locate the free internet config file from your device local storage and click on it to import it.
  3. Done, the config file has been imported successfully into the app.

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Other Ways to Get Free Internet In Turkey using Slow DNS or Tunnel Guru App

Open your Slow DNS or Tunnel Guru and put in the configuration below in it.

For Username and Password: — Leave it empty
Server: — Just pick up or select any server of your choice
For DNS Server: — Enter or put any faster DNS Server of your choice. But it will be preferable you leave
For TXT: — Select Response not encoded
For LPORT: — 275 and for RPORT: — 20
Then, Tick “keep changing connection port
Now click on “CONNECT

Now wait patiently for it to connect. If it doesn’t, keep retrying till you get connected.

Important Notice For All Readers

This post is for educational purposes only and to let the Turkcell ISP of their vulnerabilities. This site aimtuto.com wouldn’t be held responsible for any misuse of its contents

If you are in a particular country and you want to request for a free internet tweak for your country, kindly contact us on Telegram for us to release a free internet trick for your country.

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