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GBWhatsApp Pro Latest Version Download

GB WhatsApp Pro Latest version direct download

GB WhatsApp Pro Download

WhatsApp has become one of the most used messaging app worldwide and has about 6 Billion users today. WhatsApp has connected us with our love ones who are located far away from us and has permitted us to get in touch with them anytime we love to just by using our finger tips. WhatsApp as a free text messaging app and media sharing service has brought several advantages in our daily lives and all is being shared and transferred through WhatsApp such as business files and project and has a lot more to offer.

However, WhatsApp still has so many missing features that had to be included to make it just awesome. That’s why, the official version of WhatsApp has been modified to meet those features. There are several mod versions of WhatsApp but today we will be talking of GBWhatsApp Pro Latest Version.

GBWhatsApp Pro basics

GBWhatsApp Pro latest version

GBWhatsApp pro has come with very great features that makes WhatsApp look just awesome. However, it is an unofficial version of WhatsApp. Still, it is a third-party app that allows WhatsApp users to take amazing features that are not found anywhere else. These features are chat themes, app lock, status reader, and much more. Beside all that, the latest version of GB WhatsApp pro permits it’s users to use two different accounts on the same device at the same time.

GB WhatsApp Pro Top Features

GBWhatsApp Pro comes along with some features that are not found in the official version of WhatsApp. So even if you are a GBWhatsApp user, you must still read this features and get the updates you did not have in the previous version you used.

GBWhatsApp Pro features

  1. Themes: One of the interesting features in GBWhatsApp are the themes it offers. They allow us to customize the look of our WhatsApp user interface to our best needs. This offers the ability to change the layout as many times as we wish. There are already many reinstalled themes in GBWhatsApp and the developper keeps on adding more themes to it.
  2. Privacy Options: GBWhatsApp Pro has an amazing feature none as privacy. With this, you ca hide your online status, hide/show blue ticks on received messages, hide or show double ticks on your messages and much more.

  3. Contact List not Required for Sending messages: With GBWhatsApp Pro you can chat with any number or send messages to any number whether found or not found in your contact list but the number you are to text should be registered on WhatsApp which is very obvious.

  4. App Lock Feature: Many people love keeping their chats and messages private from the eyes of others even if their phone is access and wish to keep their WhatsApp chat Private. Well this feature will allow you to keep your chat Private giving its user the possibility to enable a security layer to access WhatsApp. This security here is referred to ass the app lock which can permit you require a PIN, Pattern, Password or even Fingerprint (If your devices has finger sensor) to access your chats.

Besides, the above features which are common to some other WhatsApp mods, there are some additional features dedicated only to the GBWhatsApp Pro that makes WhatsApp stunning for its users. 

GBWhatsApp Pro Additional Features

  • Media sharing: The and official version of WhatsApp has some limitations for sharing of media files and thus hinders numerous of our activities via WhatsApp. GBWhatsApp Pro has remedied that with the ability to share up to 700MB of media files. That’s really cool and will surely help many of us.
  • Full Resolution Image Sharing: WhatsApp compresses images that we send in order to make the transfer rate faster. This make things really annoying for us that we need to compress the images into zip files before sending it in order to preserve its resolution. Well thanks to GBWhatsApp Pro, all that process won’t be required to preserve the resolution. With GBWhatsApp Pro you can send your images the without fear or losing its quality because GBWhatsApp Pro preserves the quality of every single image we send. So no more pixelated or grained photos.

  • Call Privacy: You have the ability to block certain numbers at some time of the day because you have complete control over your privacy.
  • Number of Chat Pins: The number of chat Pins have increased considerably and you now have the ability to Pin up to 1000 chats in GBWhatsApp Pro instead of just three that many of us have.
  • Stickers Added: PlayStore Stickers are now added to GBWhatsApp Pro and you can now access any sticker from play store in your GBWhatsApp.

Download GB WhatsApp PRO

Download GBWhatsApp Pro below and get all of the above features at hands.

                                                                          Download GBWhatsApp Pro

This version of GBWhatsAPP is outdated download the latest version Here

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