Trick for Email Validity

Possible reasons for this can be seen below

Some basic reasons:

You probably got a Gmail or Email address and some times it does misbehaves in a sense that you can't send mails any more or you wish to use an abandon Email or Gmail but you don't know how to check it? Hopefully, below is a short and brief trick to check its validity.

Check email validity

Method to use:

Check Gmail Or Email Account Validity:

  • Copy the email address you want to check and visit the google password assistance page at
  • Once on the recovery page, select the 'I don't know my password' option and type in the email address on which you want to carryout the scan and then click continue.
  • Now, if account you typed isn't valid, then google will prompt you a message saying that the account isn't valid. If it isn't valid then there's no need for that particular account and just think of leaving it out.
  • And if the account you typed is valid then google will prompt you another page in which you have to enter the account. password.
That's it really simple right share your impression below.