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Orange Cameroon Unlimited Data Trick (Latest Update)

Download and Install this application and get unlimited data for free with orange Cameroon.
orange cameroon unlimited dat

Orange Cameroon is one of the leading network in Cameroon due to their offers they provide for their users. More so, Orange Cameroon has gotten an important coverage in all regions of the country and as such got many users. Lately some of its plans got a remarkable increase and caused some complications for its users who don’t have money to afford. This went to the extent of bring users search for Freesurf orange cameroun or free internet orange Cameroon. 

The search for this free internet orange Cameroon brought users to get an important knowledge on how the various tricks work and some of these researches unfortunately got some users scammed. That’s why you can find just a few blogs posting relavant contents on free internet for such ISP. 

Lack of Free internet has become somehow a torture for users which are used to browsing for free and are now forced to buy data bundles especially as these ISP has tend to filter its ports to redirect forced injections. So, the only possible way to get this free internet with orange Cameroon is to use a data method. An unlimited data Trick. With this unlimited data trick, you will be able to have free internet access with orange Cameroon or also called surf gratuit orange Cameroun.

In today’s post, I will be give you an Unlimited data trick with orange Cameroon.

Table of Contents

What’s Unlimited Data Trick?

Unlimited data trick is a method of obtaining unlimited Mo or Go data for browsing. With unlimited data, you get a certain internet volume which is considered as unlimited due to it’s complexity. So as such it is considered as unlimited. 

Orange Cameroon Unlimited Data Trick

In this post, the trick I will be giving is probably known by many and also not known by many too. The trick is with My Orange application. Orange released a Christmas pack gift for all its faithful users. This gift is attributed to all users who use the My Orange application. This unlimited trick got the following generalities;

Generalities of Orange Cameroon Unlimited Data Trick

Once you subscribe for this gift, you won’t only receive free internet Mo but you will equally be able to make unlimited calls to range network and this is valid till 11PM;

  1. 200Mo per Hour 
  2. Unlimited calls

Note this this welcome gift is given once per mobile number meaning, for a certain number 23769*******, you will receive this welcome gift which is 200Mo per Hour and unlimited call till 11PM and this won’t continue the following day.

Getting the Orange Cameroon Unlimited Data Trick

To start you will need the following to get the trick working for you;


  1. Orange Cameroon SIM Card
  2. My Orange


  • Download My Orange application. Download it here or download it below at the end of this article.
orange cameroon unlimited data
  • Open the application with your data switch to OrangeCM. Note, you wont need internet volume to login with your mobile number.
  • Next you will see a menu dashboard with your account balance and more as indicated in the image below. You just click on “For your welcome gift, CLICK HERE” as directed by the arrow in the image below 
orange cameroon unlimited data
  • You will be taken to the following screen on the below image. You can see as indicated by the arrow unlimited onnet calls to Orange + 200MB per Hour valid up to midnight. Just click the button annotated SUBSCRIBE (FREE) below.
orange cameroon unlimited data
  • And Immediately, you will receive an SMS from the number you used to subscribe to the welcome gift in the My Orange application. The SMS you will receive will look like that in the below image
  • And immediately you will be able to browse with this data trick and place calls to Orange numbers till midnight.
orange cameroon unlimited data

The cheat to bypass this limit is the use of numerous SIM cards but at the end it becomes costly and stressful so, we don’t consider that as a reliable cheat trick. A cheat for this trick hasn’t yet been discovered till and you blog readers will get any update I find on this trick.

As always, share to spread the trick to those who are not yet aware of it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get unlimited data on Orange Cameroon?

The best way to get unlimited data on Orange Cameroon is by using a tunneling app for free internet. Your Freedom VPN is one of the best apps that can give you free internet on MTN. You can also use AnonyTun, HA Tunnel Plus, or HTTP Injector if you got a working host.

How do I activate data on Orange Cameroon?

Dial #145# to activate data on Orange Cameroon.

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