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Netflix Premium BIN

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Netflix is an amazing streaming service that gives us the possibility to have all of our favorites TV Shows and movies just at the comfort of our home

Netflix Premium BIN

Netflix premium BIN

This has been a very important step that facilitated expenses on Cinema.

Netflix has made it possible for everyone to follow TV Shows and Movies during the lock down at the comfort of our homes. 

How can I Watch Netflix

To be able to profit of Netflix shows, you will need a Netflix premium account that will give you access to thenetflix contents. Theses contents include, TV shows, Series and even Cartoons and Mangas. 

Now the only thing with this is, these netflix premium account are paid and cannot be found free that easy. So you need yo purchase a netflix plan in order to go premium on netflix and benefit of its contents.

Netflix Plans and Pricing

Netflix Subscription Plans

There are actually 4 Netflix plans that will make you go premium. 
We have the below plans;
  1. Mobile+
  2. Basic
  3. Standard
  4. Premium

Netflix Subscription Prices

All these four plans carry different subscriptions prices per month which are as follows;
  • Mobile+ at US$4.99
  • Basic at US$7.99
  • Standard at US$9.99
  • Premium at US$11.99

How to Get Netflix Premium For Free

Now coming to the most important part, there are several ways of getting netflix premium account for free. The most common method is that using BIN to obtain netflix premium accounts. So I will be providing you a Netflix Premium BIN that will permit you to get a Netflix Premium account for free.

But you should note that this account will be available just for a month which will be a free trial with all its contents and TV Shows.

Netflix Premium APK

There is a way to access Netflix Premium TV Shows and Movies without having to pay a dime or without a netflix premium account. 

That is done by using a netflix Premium Apk or a Netflix Premium Application. This application gives you free access to Netflix Tv shows and Movies 24/7 at a price of nothing. That is, for free. 

All you need for this is to get the Netflix Premium Apk from my Telegram Channel and install it. Then you open it and start watching your favorite content.

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