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How to Block and Stop Spam Email on Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook and Save Your Personal Information

Below is a screenshot of an email I received though marked by Gmail as spam, it could still arrive in my Gmail primary box equally. This is Spam Email

Email is really important electronic method of sending messages or information all around the world in the present generation. So far, people use emails as a method of collecting personal information of other for their own benefit.

Span is one of the most used method that people use to do such and it is really important you should be able to detect spam emails in order not to fall into the traps of these bad guys.

how to block and stop spam emails in gmail, yahoo, outlook

In this article, I will show how you can easily identify and block spam emails in your inbox or spam box. 

What is Spam?

Spam is an irrelevant or unsolicited messages sent over the internet, typically to a large number of users, for the purposes of advertising, phishing, spreading malware, etc.

People use this method to send bulk messages to users at times for business purposes but most often for phishing and collecting information from people. They create an email domain that looks somehow similar to that of a company for which you work for and trick you in that email, scare you and then make you give out your information to then often with the use of a link that takes you to a form when clicked.

What is Email Spam?

Email Spam is the use of email messaging systems to send multiple unsolicited emails to large numbers of recipients for the purpose of commercial advertising, for the purpose of non-commercial proselytizing, for any prohibited purpose (especially the fraudulent purpose of phishing), or simply sending the same email over and over to the same user.

Spamming remains a viable means of promotion by email marketers in order to promote and easily get sales over their products.

Spamming can also be used earlier for phishing purposes and to collect people information without them knowing. 

Spam (phishing) exist in many types of which the most important is Social phishing which involves the use spam tools to collect social account information of people on these social media platforms. This is often used to get people Facebook, Instagram, Google account and many other accounts types.

We also have other spam types like Financial Spam which includes bank account spam, PayPal spam, Bitcoin spam and many more. 

It is really important you know how to identify a spam email once it lands in your mail box. Some emails detected by Gmail as spam are filtered and sent to spam box for you to review and confirm if it is spam. So lets get there and see how to identify a spam email and block the source.

How to Block Spam Emails on Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook

Note: In this tutorial, I have covered a section in Gmail so we will be showing the method on Gmail. You can equally follow the method and apply it whether you use Yahoo or Outlook, the principles are just the same.

Below is a screenshot of an email I received though marked by Gmail as spam, it could still arrive in my Gmail primary box equally. Check out the screenshot below and read how I identified it as spam

how to block and stop spam emails in gmail, yahoo, outlook

From the image above, you can see Gmail already identified the email as a spam. This is how I confirmed the email is really a spam mail:

Most of you know of our YouTube Channel and that most of our tutorials on this blog including this one has a video tutorial? Subscribe to us on YouTube.

I received a mail in our business email address from someone precisely Theo Lucia claiming he is a chief editor at Wondeshare. His proposal was to sponsor one of our videos on on our YouTube channel by inserting a link he provides in the mail. 

What I did first was to check the sender email if I will see Wondershare domain as the email domain but I saw a Gmail domain instead. I was kind of wondering how a big company such as Wondershare will have as email domain a Gmail domain for their business affairs. 

how to block and stop spam emails in gmail, yahoo, outlook

I went ahead and tried to open the link they asked me to insert in my video description and it took me to Wondershare official site. That is how the guy made the thing real. He sent the link to the official website for me to confirm it was real. 

What I did now next was to compare the sender's email address with that of the email included in the email which is [email protected]. I saw that they didn't match and then, I had my conclusion.

These are the facts I used to draw out my conclusion from the email : mismatch of sender and contact mail, link included in the email, and then I went into a discussion with the sender to see where he is up to.

What I did next is, I entered into a discussion with the sender to see where he is up to. In the conversion, he proposed $30 to sponsor the video and then asked me to send my PayPal email once I enter the link in my description. So, I decided to play around with him. I asked him $300 to sponsor the video since he spotted out a video that really trends on YouTube. And there, he didn't give any reply. I started his game and ended it with a full stop by increasing the rate and playing around with him.

Tell me, after the above paragraph, which spam type are we talking of here? We are talking of financial spam, why? Well because he is trying to get my PayPal email address and later on try to spam me through PayPal. We can equally identify this as PayPal email phishing.

These are the three methods of identifying a spam email. Let's conclude with these methods listed.

How to Identify and block Spam Emails in Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook etc (3ways)

  1. Check out the email of the sender and compare with that of the company's contact email.
  2. Check out any link provided in the email body to see what it is up to.
  3. Try chatting out with the sender and see what he is up to and if he asks you any information, you block and delete the spam in your email box.

Make sure you don't provide any information asked by the person. 

These emails don't only appear in your spam box but can equally escape the spam filters and get into your primary inbox so be very careful and take the above listed steps really serious.

Check out the FAQ section below to see related issues.

Don't forget to checkout the video video that better explains this


Check out related issues!

  • To do this, you need to check the option that says mark not as spam in your spam folder.
  • Well this isn't that possible since you may still receive spam emails in the future even though you block a spam domain. You just need to know how to identify then block he spam email.
  • In every email you receive, you will see unsubscribe at the button, just click on thatt nd follow the steps in the browser to unsubscribe.

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